Fitness Trainer Mentor Program: Lets Build Your Website!

Fitness Trainer Mentor Program: Lets Build Your Website!

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If you are a fitness trainer but don' have a website, you are missing out. Having an instagram following along is not going to help you stand out from the crowd.

One of my biggest strength as a leading fitness professional is my ability to build website and convert social media followings into sales. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you MUST do things differently.

Now, this is not an online course and this is not a service of me building a website for you BUT this is a mentor program where I work with you to build your website with you.

I will mentor and guide you to help you build your website from start to "finish". Well its never really quite finished as it will always be a work in progress BUT it is important that YOU are in charge of it. YES you. NOT me or some web developer cause lets face it, they are expensive and will eat into your profits. 

If you want to gain control over your business and eCommerce, you need to grasp how to build and manage your web presence.

What is mentor program includes:

  • Discussion on building your website and web brand
  • Commercial value and fore-casting on how a website and generate recurring income for you as trainer with minimal cost.
  • Step by step mentoring from choosing a domain name, hosting, web design, web tools and other web tools and applications that can help you.
  • Uploading, setup up and updating of content.
  • SEO or search engine optimisation basics.
  • Introduction to Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • Photography and videography for web use.
  • This can be used for website, eCommerce, blogs, selling ebooks.
  • Typical duration: 5 days.
  • Method of communication: Zoom, video call and whatsapp.

Note: This is a mentor program and does not include cost of domain, hosting and other applications. Be prepared to pay an additional RM300-500 but again, its much cheaper than paying thousands to a developer and have ZERO know-how and control to manage your website.

If you have questions or concerns, just drop me a message. And oh yes, I have managed my own website and its design and development since 2006.