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Hello, I’m Aniljit Singh,

I’m a personal trainer and I would like to help the participants to achieve better physical condition by educating them and teaching them the proper forms and techniques of exercises and obtaining a better lifestyle.

Language: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Tamil.

"Is your Trainersingh yet?"

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Rajasegar A.
Malaysia Malaysia
The amazing coach n Great prog

It was amazing and thoughtful program.. I hv learned alot on fitness as well as on diets. Tq for motivation n inspiring talk by coach Kevin n Gaya... I hv reduce 7kg to be exact... Tq for everything

Kevin Zahri - Official Bukan Soal Kurus Store Coach Anil Review
Malaysia Malaysia
BSK #teamAnil

I've been in my weight loss journey for almost 3 years but it's always a yo-yo journey because I normally avoid certain kind of food during my journey. When I join this program, I had a very high expectations. I wanted to lost a big number of weight but when times past by its not the weight that matters (Bukan Soal Kurus) .. but the journey.. At BSK especially under coach Anil, I was thought to eat properly.. enjoy my food.. I used to avoid carbs... I don't eat rice for quite some time.. but during BSK.. I actually had rice.. I even had food hunting to Penang.. and did lost some weight ... Not only emphasizing on our food, this program also thought me the right way to workout... what is dynamic stretching, static stretching, warming up, cooling down.. and most important.. we can do our workout in our comfort zone without going out and this helps me a lot as an housewife. most important we are not only tight with one kind of exercise such as HIIT or tabata.. but we also could do muay thai, silat, 'donut' exercise even walking 3km in our home. Healthy lifestyle is not only going out, getting positive vibes from outside.. but its how we create it from inside and share it with our family and friends even without seeing them a.k.a virtually. Suka hati aku!! to make the choice either to stay where I am now or to have a better life for me, my family and my friends.. Tq to Kevin Zahri, Gaya, and all other coaches who has given their 100% commitments for the success of the program!! Well done guys!!!

Kevin Zahri - Official Bukan Soal Kurus Store Coach Anil ReviewKevin Zahri - Official Bukan Soal Kurus Store Coach Anil Review
Bella N.
Malaysia Malaysia
Very awesome coach ever

Coach is very friendly and always give a lot kata kata semangat! I love he quote about fitnessand healthy. And i wanna say deep inside of my heart this coach are awesome ever and please and please invited him again if have another BUKAN SOAL KURUS next session. But the way thankyou so much coach kevinzahri and coach Anil

Nor i.
Malaysia Malaysia

First of all just want to say thank you so much to sir kevin zahri n team especially to my coach anil sbb banyak memberi dorongan n kata2 positif supaya tak mudah berputus asa. Dri program ini saya dpat banyak belajar tentang cara pengambilan pemakanan dgn btl. Cara kira keperluan kalori defisit dan juga senaman yg tanpa perlu ke gym n still keep active. Dulu saya diet membuta tuli main diet je xde ilmu jnji kurus dan ye saya kurus tapi kurus yg x sihat dri segi fizikal n mental. ianya menyebab kan saya agak stress utk makan. Dimana saya berfikir jika aku mkn nasi will become gemok again or if jamah sikit kek or coklat ia mendatangkan perasaan yg sebersalah yg teramat sangat.. Jadi bila mental tidak bagus myebabkn fizikal saya pun turu tidak bagus.. Kurus tapi kulit mengelebeh sana sini n yes it was stress.. So in this program saya dpat bimbingan dri coach saya iaitu coach anil cara pngambilan mkan yg betul n its okay dalam diet boleh je mkn nasi n nasi bukan penyebab gemok or coklat penyebab gemok boleh mkn but control the portion n know about kalori defisit sekiranya ingin menurun kn berat bdan or nk gain muscle.. Actually dlm proses untuk turun kn berat badan atau nk ubah kehidupan kita ke arah yg lebih sihat keadaan sekeliling harus postif bukan nya negatif dan dlm program bukan soal kurus ini banyak membantu saya dri segi mental just buat apa yg ko suka tanpa perlu peduli kn cakap2 org.. Bila kurus org ckp sakit bila kita sado org pngil kayu balak.. So just comfortable dengan dri sendiri n yes bukan saya seorg je yg melaluinya ramai lagi n im not alone.. Dlam program bukan soal kurus saya dh brani nk mkan nasi, nk mkn rotin peduli kn cakap2 org yg tidak membantu atau memberi manfaat kepada saya. Dan ya dalam program ini saya berjaya gain muscle, tone body nmpk lagi cantik, peha dah x besar hahhaha. Kurang nya kulit mengelebeh dan perut dah x buncit n boleh mengayakan tshirt size xs atau s dengan yakin nya tanpa risau akan nmpknya kulit2 mengelebeh n perut pun dh x buncit.. So kunci dia just know brpa byk keperluan maknan yg kita perlu mkn, rajin2 kn exercise kekal kan gaya hidup yg sihat dri segi fizikal n mental n walaupun program ini akan melabuh kn tirainya pada minggu ini segala ilmu yg dicurah kn akan dipraktik kan sampai bila2.. Tq so much to my lovely coach anil because always give tips n always beri kata2 semangat n saya dh boleh mkn nasi lah coach n saya x gemok pun bila mkn nasi.. Tq once again..